Sunday Worship Bulletin

For Sunday, January 12, 2020


Chapel Time
Based on Psalm 37:9

Chapel Time - hope

But now, Lord, what do I look for?
My hope is in You.


Affirmation of Faith
From Presbyterians for Earth Care 

I believe in God,
the Creator and Lord of all that is.
In God’s hand is the life of every thing,
and the breath of every human being.

I believe in Jesus the Christ,
the Redeemer of all we have damaged,
our broken souls and our broken world,
who offers new life
when we love our neighbors,
and steward faithfully
sun and soil, water and air.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the Sustainer of this community
and future generations,
the source of hope and courage
to tend and care for
God’s beautiful creation.


Prayer of Confession 

Creator God,
We come to You asking for grace.

For all that You have made
and we have destroyed –
we ask Your forgiveness.

For all that You have shared
and we have squandered –
we ask Your forgiveness.

For all that You have loved
and we have abused –
we ask Your forgiveness.

For all that You have blessed
and we have neglected –
we ask Your forgiveness.

For all that You have suffered
and we have ignored –
we ask Your forgiveness.

For all that You are
and we have doubted –
we ask Your forgiveness.

Renew us in Your love,
re-create us, and restore us
to Your community of creation,
that we may live again in You.


Assurance of Forgiveness


Prayers of the People
As a church, we want to develop a regular rhythm
in our prayers of the people.
For this, the second Sunday of the month,
we will take time to pray & intercede
for one other in community. 

Lord of creation,
You created the universe
by Your eternal Word,
and have blessed humankind
in making us stewards of the earth.

We pray for Your world,
for those who bear the weight
of waste, greed, and destruction,
and in particular, for those suffering
from the massive wildfires in Australia.

Help us, as a church,
to love our neighbors, near and far,
to care for Your creation,
and to live in hopeful anticipation
of Your renewal of all things. 

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.


Worship Songs 

Wide As The Sky
Fairest Lord Jesus
To My Knees 


Family Praise 

There Is Power 




Scripture Reading 

Psalm 24:1-2


Discussion Questions

Sermon 6 - Discussion Qs

Read Psalm 104 in a group:

• What’s one image that surprised you?
• What’s one image of abundance that speaks to you?
• How can you join God’s Spirit in the renewal of creation?


Closing Song

This Is My Father’s World