Sunday Worship Bulletin

For Sunday, 5 April 2020
Via Zoom • 10:00 am
Palm Sunday
Zoom ID: 810-494-445 

Instructions for Zoom worship service 

    • Follow liturgy on our website, also slides here • Might be helpful to turn on speakers view; we’ll also say when to switch to gallery view
    • Please grab a candle & lighter
    • Please mute your mics if they have unmuted them and wait for instructions on when to unmute
    • There will be an interactive portion where we do breakouts — NOTE: Please participate at the level at which you feel comfortable!
      • You can turn off your video if you need to!
      • If you don’t want to be included in breakouts, just drop us an email, text, or private chat function in Zoom to let us know!
    • Check the chat boxes from time to time


Title slide — Image of palm leaves overlaid with text, "Palm Sunday"


Light a Candle • Silence 

If you have young kids, you can forgo this portion
or you can blow out the candle as necessary


Jesus Creed 

Hear, O Israel,
the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind,
and with all your strength.

The second is this:
Love your neighbor as yourself.
There is no commandment
greater than these.



Family Praise
Led by Elle 

Light of the World   

NextGen Message • Video Presentation

Bless Younger Children to Play (if desired)
Led by Pastor Jeya 


Prayer of Confession
Adapted from re:worship

God of the cross,
entering Jerusalem on a donkey,
You are not the Savior we expect.
Your power doesn’t look like
the power we want our God to have.
Your wisdom makes no sense to us.

We are happy to join the crowd,
waving branches,
but not so sure we want
to follow you through this Holy Week:
into the temple courts,
into the upper room,
into the Garden of Gethsemane,
to Pilate, to Herod,
to the place of The Skull,
to the foot of the cross.

We need You to go with us
on this journey.
Grant us clear vision,
courageous hearts,
persistent steps.

Whatever this week will bring,
we sing: Hosanna, hosanna!
Save us, for we are Yours!


Assurance of Forgiveness 


Prayers of the People
Led by Yang & Sejun 

Jesus, on Palm Sunday, the people declared You as the King and shouted Hosanna, You are the One who saves. During Your ministry on earth, You showed Your power and caring by healing people of all ages and stations of life from physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Be present now to people who need Your loving touch because of COVID-19. May they feel Your power of healing through the care of doctors and nurses. Comfort those who have lost loved ones to this disease.

Help all of us not to fear
because You are our Savior
and our Hope is in You.

We lift up to You healthcare workers and first responders who are working longer hours with fewer supplies and with more risk of contracting the new coronavirus themselves. Renew their energy and sustain them on long shifts. Bring Your protection upon them as they work with patients. Multiply their supplies so they have the protective items needed to stay safe on the job. 

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

We pray that You would inspire and invigorate the research doctors and scientists and those in labs that are developing better tests to diagnose the virus, creating vaccines to prevent it, and identifying protocols to eliminate the disease’s spread.

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

Be with the leaders of our state and country and the leaders of nations worldwide. Help them to seek justice and to hear and speak Truth. Give them wisdom to know how to lead. May truth and empathy be the touchstones of people setting policies for our protection. 

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

Be with those most at risk in this time: the elderly, the already sick and others who are considered at highest risk; the unsheltered who have nowhere to go; those who might be sheltered in place with their abusers. God be their protection. Be with those in nations where there are less resources to care for those who might become sick. God, grant them your protection and the resources needed to care for those who are struck with this disease.

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

Be with us as families adjust to everyone being home, as businesses and schools close. We ask that You guide people in their new realities. Give spouses grace for each other. Prompt worn-out parents to speak words of kindness and encouragement to their children. Help children find creative ways to experience the beauty of all You have created and continue learning.

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

As people feel financial strain during the uncertainty, bring them comfort and peace, reminding them that You are there for them. Provide for them in their times of need. Bless and protect people who continue to work in places like grocery stores, deliveries, and restaurants. Give them grace to handle disgruntled customers during supplies shortages. Keep their bodies healthy as they unload and stock boxes of supplies. Keep their cars and trucks running smoothly as they deliver needed supplies and food people have ordered online. And please protect them all from contracting the new coronavirus.

Lord, You are our Savior.
Our hope is in You.

Almighty God, we know that everything is in Your sovereign control. We bring to you our personal requests this week.  

— Silent Prayer — 

Lord, we thank You that you hear our prayer. 

We cry Hosanna,
our Hope is in You.


Worship Song
Led by the Kim Family  

Mighty to Save 


Scripture Reading

Matthew 21:1-11


Sermon & Discussion 

Sermon - Image of confetti falling from the ceiling with text overlaid: "Describe an event, holiday, or day you commemorate and why it's meaningful for you to celebrate or honor it every year."

Sermon - Image of woman with first raised with text overlaid, "What do we need to rebel against as Christians in order to show Jesus' love, grace, justice, and kindness to others?"




Announcement - Image of dog wearing glasses with text overlaid, "Youth Group Weekly Gathering Wednesdays at 7:00 pm via Zoom We look forward to connecting again with our students this Wednesday!"

Announcement - Image of hand with lantern with text overlaid, "Weekly prayer gathering: No gathering this week because of our Good Friday service. We will resume next Thursday at 8:00 pm."

Announcement - Image of cross against dark sky with text overlaid, "Good Friday Worship service via Zoom at 7:30 pm. Families with young kids at 7:00 pm. Please wear dark colors and prepare bread, juice, a cup, candle, a bowl of water & towel."

Announcement - Image of ocean with sun rising in horizon with text overlaid, "Easter Sunday: Let's celebrate our risen King next Sunday together on Easter! We invite you to wear bright colors / dress up for our worship gathering!"

Announcement - Image of person using Tithely smartphone app with text overlaid, "Online Giving We invite you to give online while we cannot meet in person. Visit or directly through the Tithely app."

Announcement - Image of person holding up protective mask with text overlaid, "Our COVID-19 Response: How should the church help in response to COVID? What is God putting on your heart?"



Worship Song
Led by the Kim Family  

Wide as the Sky  




Fellowship Time!
We will hang out if you’re available!