Sunday Worship Bulletin

For Sunday, 31 May 2020
Via Zoom • 10:00 am
Zoom ID: 867 3001 7898

Instructions for Zoom worship service 

    • Follow liturgy on our website, also slides here • Might be helpful to turn on speakers view; we’ll also say when to switch to gallery view
    • Please grab a candle & lighter
    • Please mute your mics if they have unmuted them and wait for instructions on when to unmute
    • There will be an interactive portion where we do breakouts — NOTE: Please participate at the level at which you feel comfortable!
      • You can turn off your video if you need to!
      • If you don’t want to be included in breakouts, just drop us an email, text, or private chat function in Zoom to let us know!
    • Check the chat boxes from time to time


Title slide — image of 3 people paragliding through clouds with text overlaid, "Pentecost: Spirit-Empowered Life"


Light a Candle • Silence 

If you have young kids, you can forgo this portion
or you can blow out the candle as necessary


Jesus Creed 

Hear, O Israel,
the Lord our God, the Lord is one.

Love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
with all your soul,
with all your mind,
and with all your strength.

The second is this:
Love your neighbor as yourself.
There is no commandment
greater than these.



Family Praise • This Little Light of Mine 
Led by Elle 

NextGen Message
Led by Pastor Jeya

Bless Younger Children to Play (if desired)
Led by Pastor Jeya 


Prayer of Confession

God of rushing wind and dancing flames,
we confess that we have too often denied
the urgings of the Spirit
and turned away from or rejected
those who are different.

You seek to enlarge our understanding
and bridge our divides
through sacrificial love and mutuality,
but we stubbornly cling to what is
comfortable and known. 

We have hoarded our resources out of fear
rather than sharing with all as any have need.
Forgive our lack of trust in You.
Help us no longer to be captive to fear
but, rather, messengers of Your saving love.

— Moment of silent prayer & confession — 

Come, Holy Spirit!
Rain upon our dry and dusty lives.
Wash away our sin
and heal our wounded spirits.
Kindle within us the fire of Your love
to burn away our apathy.
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Assurance of Forgiveness 


Prayers of the People

Holy Spirit, Creator,
in the beginning You moved over the waters.
From Your breath all creation drew life.
Without You, life turns to dust.
Come, Holy Spirit!

Holy Spirit, Counselor,
by Your inspiration, the prophets spoke
and acted in faith.
Holy Spirit, Power,
You came as fire to Jesus’ disciples,
giving them voice and witness.

Holy Spirit, Giver of life,
guide and make holy the Church You create,
empower us with Your gifts,
wisdom and understanding,
counsel and strength,
love and compassion. 

Maker of all things,
we pray for our nation and our world,
broken by deep-seated racism, hatred, and violence,
bearing the loss and uncertainty of pandemic.
Renew our world, in this day,
with Your justice, mercy, and grace.

— Moment of silent prayer & intercession — 

Let Your Spirit of truth abide with us
so that we may live in hope,
testifying to the Good News:
fullness of life and joy for all.

Set aflame Your Church
with the fire of Your Spirit.
Unite us to stand in the world
as a sign of Your love,
through Jesus Christ our Savior
and in the unity of the Holy Spirit.


Passing of the Peace • Together


Worship Song • All Who are Thirsty    
Led by the Kim Family  


Scripture Reading • Acts 2:1-21


Sermon & Discussion 

Sermon - Image of wheat field blowing in the wind with text overlaid, "Discussion Questions: Respond & participate • Connect with others • Step into kairos moments • Witness with boldness • Dream with God in community — Where do you want or need the Holy Spirit to empower your life? Do any of these areas excite, frighten, or challenge you?"



Announcement - Image of dog wearing glasses with text overlaid, "Youth Group Weekly Gathering Wednesdays at 7:00 pm via Zoom We look forward to connecting again with our students this Wednesday!"

Announcement - Image of person holding lantern with text overlaid, "Weekly Prayer Gathering Thursdays via Zoom at 8:00 pm Let’s continue to gather in community, seeking the Lord together during these unprecedented times."

Announcement - Images of smartphone and check being written with text overlaid, "We're thankful for your commitment to being the Church together. Please consider giving via Tithely or by mailing checks to Sejun's place."

Announcement - Images of signs and gifts delivered to Zion Market with text overlaid, "Anchor City Stimulus: We have surpassed our initial goal of $1000 — our new stretch goal is $2500! We have already shown support for frontline workers at Zion Market and the rest will support local friends Renew San Diego."



Worship Song • Build Your Kingdom Here 
Led by the Kim Family  




Fellowship Time!
We will hang out if you’re available!