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Rev. Jeya So

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jeya (or “PJ” as she is affectionately known) is passionate about unleashing the God-given dreams of the entire Church for the sake of the world. Whether through preaching, mentoring, worship leading, or counseling, PJ has a knack for tying together powerful insights about faithfully pursuing Christ in all things.

PJ mentors and leads other church planters through coaching, assessing, and cohorts in partnership with 1001 New Worshiping Communities and Cyclical INC.

Rev. Daniel So

Lead Pastor

Though originally a Michigander, Pastor Dan loves the amazing people of San Diego. PD is also Director of a local church-starting movement called Cyclical San Diego and serves on the Advisory Board of Justice Ventures International, a non-profit organization fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery.

You can follow his blog and Twitter below, where his views, meanderings, and thoughts are solely his!

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