NextGen Ministry

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

We love kids & families at Anchor City! We want to foster an environment where people of every age and background can encounter the amazing love of Jesus.

Our NextGen Vision
For our NextGen Ministry, our prayer is that our young people would see:

This is our Father’s world — All of life belongs to God, and we want Scripture to guide us to see God at work in all spheres of life (in everything from math & science, to art & music, work and play).

Following Jesus is the greatest adventure — Many young people seek a “calling” or adventure, but we want our NextGen students to know The Caller, to find their identity in Christ, and to follow wherever He leads.

Church is a family, and every one of us has a place to belong in Christ’s family — We are called to do more than just “go” to church; we’re called to be the Church! We want to forge deep friendships, where our students can live out God’s kindness, love & grace together.

Anchor City Distinctives
At Anchor City, we encourage & empower our community to use their unique God-given talents and gifts—especially in service to others.

One distinctive characteristic of our NextGen Ministry is how our adults use their particular gifts & interests to teach the Bible to our students.

For example, we’ve had Sunday School units on photography (talking about light & shadow [John 8:12] and concluding with a gallery show by the students themselves) and science (covering scientists who were Christians, their discoveries, and how that ties into Scripture).

A Quick Glimpse of Our Sundays
Here’s a quick glimpse at our NextGen Sunday School ministry:

Students participate in the worship service from the beginning (songs of praise, greetings & announcements, offering, NextGen sermon) and then are sent out with a blessing to Sunday School

Our Sunday School is for kids from age 3 to 8th grade.

Children under 3 are invited to stay with their parents during our Sunday service (and make use of the Parent/Infant room just off the main Worship Center if necessary).

Most Sundays, our youth group students (6th through 8th grade) have a separate, age-appropriate discussion during the Sunday School time.

Adult volunteers from Anchor City teach customized units of 4 to 5 weeks, covering a range of topics from art, music, photography, science, and drama from a Scripture-based perspective.