Transformed Lives: From Resentment to Gratitude

This week, we are exploring the movement Henri Nouwen describes from resentment to gratitude. Below are some exercises and spiritual disciplines to practice to help you join the Holy Spirit in this transforming movement. A Diagnostic Checklist for Resentment Do I feel like I should mask or hide “negative” emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration,Continue reading “Transformed Lives: From Resentment to Gratitude”

Transformed Lives: From Illusion to Prayer

This week, we are exploring the movement Henri Nouwen describes from illusion to prayer. Below are several prayers to help you engage in a deeper life with Jesus through prayer. A Prayer of Recollection I am not God, but a finite creation of God.Lord, I know that I have a body that has limits. I am hereContinue reading “Transformed Lives: From Illusion to Prayer”

Transformed Lives: From Fear to Love

Henri Nouwen — priest, author, and professor — wrote dozens of books on the spiritual life. Even after his death in 1996, his words in books like Spiritual Formation continue to shape and influence people who desire a deeper life with Christ. Nouwen describes spiritual formation not so much in a direct linear path (i.e.,Continue reading “Transformed Lives: From Fear to Love”

Sunday School at Home: The week of 8 November 2020

As we continue to navigate pandemic and online gatherings together, we want to help our younger NextGen students feel like they’re “together” by sharing the same Bible story and craft each week. Parents, please remember to have your kids bring their Growing in God’s Love story Bible to our worship gatherings via Zoom! From weekContinue reading “Sunday School at Home: The week of 8 November 2020”

Summer Bible Study • Final Ruth Study: Participants Guide

In what ways have you seen God’s hesed in your life this week? Discussion Questions “Praise be to the Lord, who this day has not left you without a guardian-redeemer” might be one of the most significant lines in the entire book. Why? How do you see the promises to Naomi applied to your lifeContinue reading “Summer Bible Study • Final Ruth Study: Participants Guide”