Summer Bible Study • Ruth 2: Participants Guide

3 Purposes of Ruth (there are others) Defends David and David’s lineage of kingship — and therefore also defends Jesus’ lineage An example of God’s laws being lived out in personal lives — particularly for the widowed, the orphaned, the foreigner Shows how God is involved in the day to day joys of our livesContinue reading “Summer Bible Study • Ruth 2: Participants Guide”

Summer Bible Study • Ruth 1: Participants Guide

Ruth Chapter 1 Background: Written as a story between two major covenantal parts: Genesis – Judges: Abrahamic Covenant 1 Samuel – Kings: David Covenant 3 Purposes of Ruth (there are others) Kings Example of God’s laws Shows how God is involved in the day to day joys of our lives The book of Ruth isContinue reading “Summer Bible Study • Ruth 1: Participants Guide”

Lament / ⚓︎ Hope

So much pain exists in our culture today. The ongoing pandemic has unleashed both intense moments of suffering and death (although this is heavy and difficult, we highly recommend listening to this recent episode of This American Life called “The Reprieve” to experience the “invisible wildfire” of Covid-19 in Detroit) and the slow languish ofContinue reading “Lament / ⚓︎ Hope”

12 Months of Blessing: Justice & Equity

Anchor City is pleased to be able to participate in the work of two different organizations for this month’s 12 Months of Blessing campaign. The John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes the principles of Christian Community development and racial reconciliation. “This conviction that God calls us toContinue reading “12 Months of Blessing: Justice & Equity”

Faithful Racial Justice Videos

Here are a couple of things you can watch to help further our understanding in the work of faithful racial justice:  We really hope you will spend some time watching at least one of the things on this list and expanding our understanding of what our black and brown brothers and sisters are experiencing. Let’sContinue reading “Faithful Racial Justice Videos”