Transformed Lives: From Resentment to Gratitude

This week, we are exploring the movement Henri Nouwen describes from resentment to gratitude. Below are some exercises and spiritual disciplines to practice to help you join the Holy Spirit in this transforming movement. A Diagnostic Checklist for Resentment Do I feel like I should mask or hide “negative” emotions such as sadness, anger, frustration,Continue reading “Transformed Lives: From Resentment to Gratitude”

Transformed Lives: From Illusion to Prayer

This week, we are exploring the movement Henri Nouwen describes from illusion to prayer. Below are several prayers to help you engage in a deeper life with Jesus through prayer. A Prayer of Recollection I am not God, but a finite creation of God.Lord, I know that I have a body that has limits. I am hereContinue reading “Transformed Lives: From Illusion to Prayer”

Church Without Walls: PostSecret Reflection Questions

This past Sunday, July 7th, we gathered for Church Without Walls at the PostSecret Exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man.  This week, as you’re reflecting on this experience, review the following questions. Part of holding out the hope of Christ as the anchor for our souls to our neighbors around the city is movingContinue reading “Church Without Walls: PostSecret Reflection Questions”

Quotes for the Lenten Journey

Here are the longer quotes from today’s sermon (Sunday, April 7, 2019): Dietrich Bonhoeffer, from Life Together:  Certainly, serious Christians who are put in a community for the first time will often bring with them a very definite image of what Christian communal life should be, and they will be anxious to realize it. ButContinue reading “Quotes for the Lenten Journey”

Dream: God Is In This Place

Genesis 28:10-22 In our journey through Scripture over the last several weeks, we’ve seen that God often gives dreams to His people not when things are going well, but in the midst of suffering, struggle, and pain. Jacob was far from a “hero” for much of his life. Before his vision of a staircase connectingContinue reading “Dream: God Is In This Place”