12 Months of Blessing: Big Table SD and Westmorland Presbyterian Food Pantry

For the month of August, we’re partnering with two regional organizations to bless and serve our neighbors in San Diego and Imperial Counties. Big Table “serves those who serve you.” Big Table provides care for workers in the hospitality & restaurant industry, where 1 in 6 workers are below the poverty line (which is doubleContinue reading “12 Months of Blessing: Big Table SD and Westmorland Presbyterian Food Pantry”

12 Months of Blessing: Equal Justice Initiative and Relief for Yemen

For the month of July, we’re continuing on with our 12 Months of Blessing campaign with two different organizations. As we continue on in the work of racial justice, equity, and reconciliation, we’ll be supporting the Equal Justice Initiative. You can learn more about founder Bryan Stevenson through his book Just Mercy: A Story ofContinue reading “12 Months of Blessing: Equal Justice Initiative and Relief for Yemen”

12 Months of Blessing: Justice & Equity

Anchor City is pleased to be able to participate in the work of two different organizations for this month’s 12 Months of Blessing campaign. The John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes the principles of Christian Community development and racial reconciliation. “This conviction that God calls us toContinue reading “12 Months of Blessing: Justice & Equity”

Solidarity and Hope

As I’m sure we’re all experiencing, 2020 continues on as a time of pain, anguish and sorrow. In the midst of the pandemic, sorrow and outrage from and for the black citizens of our nation and their experience of racism and police brutality have erupted. As a church, we cannot stay silent. Martin Luther KingContinue reading “Solidarity and Hope”

Three Bible Reading Plans + Two Great Articles

Now is a great time to get into reading your Bible a little bit more. Here are three that we recommend from the Bible app from YouVersion: Many of the devotions from the Bible Project are excellent with great videos that explain what you’re reading. PJ is going through “The Biblical Storyline” reading plan andContinue reading “Three Bible Reading Plans + Two Great Articles”