Our Mission

Spiritual Formation

Jesus said the greatest thing we can do is to love God with everything we have, and to love others in the same way. Jesus’ invitation is not only to live with God eternally, but to live the eternal kind of life today. As a church community, we are responding to God’s grace by intentionally choosing to be spiritually formed in the way of Jesus — the inward transformation that allows the life, character, and love of Christ to flow freely from our lives, for the life of the world around us.

Local Presence

Anchor City Church exists to be a church for our city, showing up through embodied, incarnational presence and love. We want to express the God-given creativity of our church community in collaboration with trusted partners to bless the neighborhoods where we live, work, and play. A few of our local partnerships include: Cal-SAFE Escondido, GenerateHope, Ebenezer Church, New Day Urban Ministries, and Renew San Diego.

Global Presence

We believe God has also called us to join His work of redemption and healing around the world. Through partnership and collaboration with impactful nonprofit organizations, ministries, and individuals, we seek to love our global neighbors as ourselves. Some of our global partners include: Justice Ventures International, Freely In Hope, Preemptive Love, Plant With Purpose, and World Vision.

Family Ministry

One of our guiding images as a church is an open table, where Jesus invites all of us to sit at His table as family. We love breaking bread together, opening our mouths to the food and our hearts to one another. To us, church is family!

We also seek to create a culture of wonder, curiosity, and joy — for our kids and for the young at heart! We want to empower parents to be the main spiritual disciplers of their own children through resourcing and encouragement. In Sunday School, kids will learn: this is our Father’s world, following Jesus is the greatest adventure, and each of us has a place in God’s family!

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God sets the lonely in families

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