Worship Bulletin • May 8, 2022

For Sunday, May 8, 2022
In-Person • 1:00 pm
Mount Soledad Presbyterian Church • Worship Center
The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Series — Image of colorful doors in an apartment complex with text overlaid, "Who is my neighbor"

Presider: Cherry Park
Guest Preacher: Jason Evans

Call to Worship

Adapted from Carol Penner

And Jesus said, “Come!”
To all mothers and all children:
He said, “Come!”
To the motherless and the childless:
He said, “Come!”
To all who long to be mothered:
He said, “Come!”

“Come unto me all you who labor
and are heavy-laden,
and I will give you rest.”
Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord.
Let us shout joyfully
to the rock of our salvation!

Worship Song


God of Abraham
God of covenant and faithful promises
Time and time again
You have pro…ven
You’ll do just what You said

Though the storms may come
and the winds may blow
I’ll remain steadfast

And let my heart learn
when You speak a word
It will come to pass

Great is Your faithfulness to me
Great is Your faithfulness to me
From the rising sun to the setting same
I will praise Your name
Great is Your faithfulness to me

God from age to age
Though the earth may pass away
Your Word remains the same
Your history can prove
There’s nothing You can’t do
You’re faithful and true

I put my faith in Jesus
My anchor to the ground
My hope and firm foundation
He’ll never let me down

Prayer of Confession

Adapted from re:worship

O Holy God,
we come in confession for our lack of love.
We have neither loved ourselves nor our neighbors.
We have passed by suffering and misfortune
because of fear or busyness or preoccupation.
We have help prejudices against people
as deep as those against the Samaritans.

— Moment of silent prayer & confession —

Heal our pains, amend our faults,
and guide us in ways of danger and compassion.
We pray in the name of Jesus,
our most beloved neighbor,
who cared for us even to the cross. Amen.

Assurance of Forgiveness

Led by Presider

Friends in Christ, know this:
the mercy of God is from everlasting to everlasting!
In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Prayers of the People

Adapted from Carol Penner

Loving God,
we give thanks today for mothers!
Thank You for mothers who gave birth to us,
and women who have treated us
as their own children.
You have shown us how You love us as a mother,
“As a hen gathers her chicks under her wings,”
cherishing and protecting the children among us.
Help us to love as You do:
lovingly, fairly, wisely, and with great joy.

We need Your comfort here today, God,
because some are missing mothers,
some are missing children,
some are parted by distance or death.
Comfort those who have
given up their child for adoption,
Comfort those who longed
to be biological mothers, and could not.

We pray for those here
whose mothers have disappointed them;
we ask for grace in relationships
where there is pain and bitterness,
for healing in relationships
where there is abuse and violence.
Help our congregation be a space
where people can feel mothered,
their gifts and talents appreciated and nurtured.

Finally, we pray today for mothers around the world;
mothers who cannot feed their children,
mothers who are homeless or without a homeland;
mothers who must teach their children
about the dangers of bombs and bullets.
Help us create a world where mothers
can raise their children in peace and plenty.

God of mothers, who created mothers,
who came as a child and had a mother,
God who loves us like a mother,
loving us with a sweeter and deeper love
than we have ever known,
hear our prayer this day.

Passing of the Peace


Greet one another and/or send a text message to someone either from our Anchor City Community or someone who needs God’s peace this day!

Family Praise

Led by Arya & Esme Kim

Blessing of the Children

Led by Presider

Children hold out their hands to receive the blessing

Go in peace and go in joy
Filled with wonder for this day
Go in faith and go in love
God will guide you on your way!

Scripture Reading

Led by Presider

Presider: This is the Word of the Lord.
All: Thanks be to God!

Worship Song

You Are Good (Your Mercy Endures)

There’s so much beauty around us
More than the eyes can take in
We have awakened to see You…
in all things

In every hour and moment
Present with us, the I AM
You are the end and beginning…
of all things

Oh… You are good…
and Your mercy endures forever

In all the suffering around us
How can You be a good God?
What can I do with the questions…
in my soul?

I may not have all the answers,
but I can’t deny what I know
Jesus, You showed me the Father…
and He is good

Breaking down all of the walls
Healing us until we fall
more and more in love with You
and we finally see who You are

There has never been a day
You have ever turned away
Your love for us will never change
One day we will see who You are


Guest Speaker: Canon Jason Evans

Series — Image of colorful doors in an apartment complex with text overlaid, "Who is my neighbor"


Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers’ Day! Praying for the mothers and the mother figures in our church this day! Refreshments during fellowship today provided by the fathers and the father figures of Anchor City.

Youth Group

The Youth Group gathering for the month of May will be in-person! Please talk to Grace for details.

Reset Sunday

The month of May has 5 Sundays — the final Sunday of the month (May 29th) will be a Reset Sunday. Instead of gathering together at the Mount Soledad Presbyterian campus, we will provide a worship guide for you and encourage you to experience connection with God and others outside of the walls of the church building!

Pastors’ Sabbatical

PJ & PD will be gone on sabbatical for the entire month of May. Please keep Pastors Jeya & Dan in your prayers. Thanks to everyone who is helping out each Sunday while the pastors are on sabbatical!

Worship Song

Oh You Bring

Oh You bring hope to the hopeless
And light to those in darkness
And death to life… now I’m alive

Oh You give peace to the restless
And joy to homes that are broken
I see You now… in You I’m found

And You opened the door for me
And You laid down Your life to set me free
All that I am will serve You, Lord

Oh You fill those who are empty
And rescue those in the valley
And through it all… You calm my soul

Oh You find me in my weakness
And heal the wounds of my heartache
I worship You… in spirit and truth

And You opened my eyes to see
All the wonder and awe of Christ in me
Jesus, You’re everything I need

All honor… all glory… all praise to You


Led by Jason Evans

Being sent with God’s blessing into the world
to join Jesus’ mission of redemption

Fellowship and Conversation


We will hang out if you’re available!

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