Our Sabbath Journey

We started journeying through Scripture to engage Sabbath way back in April! The list below is not exhaustive, but a quick glimpse at several key points:

The presence of the resurrected Christ answers our deepest existential problems of sorrow, fear, and doubt • Jesus has overcome, he is near, and we can be at peace

Sabbath disconnects our identity from what we do and reconnects us to the One who loves us for who we are

If we want to be with God, we must enter into spaces where God is at work — this will often be broken places where God is bringing healing & justice

We engage Sabbath practices as individuals and as a community — in joy, delight, and fun

Sabbath restores trust in God — that, even if you stop working, the world will keep spinning and God will continue to remain in control, God will provide your daily bread, exactly what you need

How does God give you comfort during hard times? How can that overflow to others around you? Do you remember expressing the comforting love of God together as a church now: the love of Christ is like a joyful canopy, held up by the people of God, shining brightly for all to see?

We want to help you find ways to set yourself up for success! How can the practice of your faith lead to greater love, joy, hope? How can your commitment to Sabbath (preparation) help you meet with God on a deeper level than you have before (opportunity)? A joyful, strong, hope-giving life in Christ will not just fall into your lap, especially with all the struggles we face in this world

There is a Sabbath rest — past, present, and future — that anchors us in every moment

Sabbath rest renews & transforms us

Published by daniel so

Daniel is a husband, father, and pastor who is always learning more about what it means to love & follow Jesus in the everyday and in-between, and seeking to help others do the same.

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