Summer Bible Study • Ruth 3: Participants Guide

3 Purposes of Ruth (there are others)

  1. Defends David and David’s lineage of kingship — and therefore also defends Jesus’ lineage
  2. An example of God’s laws being lived out in personal lives — particularly for the widowed, the orphaned, the foreigner
  3. Shows how God is involved in the day to day joys of our lives


The Biblical concept of “Hesed” → It is mostly used as a descriptor about God and God uses it to describe Himself. It is translated as lovingkindness, mercy, loyalty. It is about LOYAL, faithful love. There is a sacrificial element to it: it is one person’s actions for another, that only one person can give. “Long Acting Love” is my new favorite way to understanding “hesed.”

How has God shown you hesed in your life this week?

Read and Discuss

Ruth 3 — mark it up

Come up with 5 thoughts/questions that come to mind as you read Ruth 3

Discussion Questions

  • How do you see faithfulness to God being shown through the book of Ruth so far?
  • How has Naomi changed from the previous chapters to now?
  • What do you think Ruth is requesting by asking Boaz to cover her with his cloak?
  • The kinsman redeemer – How do Boaz’s actions reflect Jesus’ work of redemption?

“It is the redemptive action of God that provides the standard for human acts of redemption…”

Katherine Doob-Sakenfeld
  • What do you think Boaz meant when he said in verse 10, “This kindness is greater than that which you showed earlier…”?
  • What do you make of Boaz sending Ruth back with barley? Why is this important?
  • Why do you think God shows such kindness to Naomi?
  • We are in an unprecedented time. How is God showing hesed to you during this time of pandemic? How are you called to show God’s hesed to others around you?