Summer Bible Study • Ruth 1: Participants Guide

Ruth Chapter 1

Background: Written as a story between two major covenantal parts:

  • Genesis – Judges: Abrahamic Covenant
  • 1 Samuel – Kings: David Covenant

3 Purposes of Ruth (there are others)

  1. Kings
  2. Example of God’s laws
  3. Shows how God is involved in the day to day joys of our lives

The book of Ruth is read by Jewish people during the festival of Shavuot – when God gave the Israelites the Torah and the law. Why do you think this is?

Questions for this day?

Chapter 1 questions from last week:

  • Why was Ruth shown special favor when she didn’t do anything overtly “spiritually faithful?”
  • How old was Ruth?
  • What do Naomi’s two names mean? Why didn’t anyone call her that?
  • What kind of mother-in-law was Ruth that her two daughters-in-law loved her so?
  • Why was the town disturbed at Naomi’s return?
  • What made Naomi feel full when she left Bethlehem and empty when she returned?
  • How did Naomi feel about having a Moabite daughter in law?
    • Was it okay for Naomi’s sons to marry Moabie women?
  • Was it wrong for Orpah to leave Naomi?
  • Why did Naomi leave Moab?
  • What is the connection of Bethlehem?
  • What is an Ephrathite? 


Read and Discuss

Ruth 1 – mark it up!

Discussion Questions  

  • Can you relate to Elimelek’s desire to leave the troubled Bethlehem?
  • As we are immigrants/child of immigrants, how do you view Ruth’s story? 
  • How do the different characters seem to feel about God?
  • The Biblical concept of “Hesed”
    • How do Naomi and Ruth reflect Hesed in chapter 1?
    • How does Naomi and Ruth’s reflection of Hesed to each other show God’s Hesed to us?
  • What are God’s actions in chapter 1? What do the different characters say God’s actions are?

  • What are some modern parallels to us that you note today? 

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