Resources for Engaging the Hard Work of Love and Justice

From your pastors, this is a short note to say that we love you, we’re here for you and that we are praying for you. We know that much continues on in the world and we pray that you are both remaining faithfully engaged to all that is going on but also caring for yourself by resting and having Sabbath in the One who is always watching over us.

Please let us be a resource to you whether it’s for a listening ear, to learn together, for prayer and encouragement. 

Below are a couple of resources that we’d mentioned on Sunday for us to continue to engage in the hard work of love while we work towards faithfulness and justice:

 Your choice for a free eBook 50% off an eBook on faithful justice (Note: 1. You have to set up a free account and 2. Use the code EBOOKS50 at checkout, offer valid through June 30, 2020) 

A diverse book list for your kids to enlarge their narratives about race and culture; and 3 that are faith based (123)

Responses and action steps for Asian-American Christians in our common fight for justice for all.

We have been raising our voices in prayer and public witness as well. Here is a link to photos from a prayer vigil hosted by our friends at Renew San Diego in which some of our Anchor City families participated 

There is so much fighting for our attention right now, it’s easy to want to bury our heads in the sand and just ignore it. We pray that, just as we’ve been urging you, to start somewhere, rooted in faith and grounded in love.

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