Solidarity and Hope

As I’m sure we’re all experiencing, 2020 continues on as a time of pain, anguish and sorrow. In the midst of the pandemic, sorrow and outrage from and for the black citizens of our nation and their experience of racism and police brutality have erupted.

As a church, we cannot stay silent. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Jesus Christ came to give us life, and to give it abundantly (John 10:10). In order to have the fullness of life that Jesus wants all people to have, we must speak up. We must stand with our black brothers and sisters to say that they are beloved and that they are not alone.

Together, we must affirm this truth: black lives matter.

We understand the complexity of this issue, especially as a largely Asian American church. We might have some reservations because we have friends we’re afraid to offend. We can feel that we are sometimes misunderstood or overlooked or insignificant in this conversation. We may feel that this is not our fight to fight. We may feel outraged at the racism we ourselves have experienced. We may feel overwhelmed in knowing where to start. 

We get it. This is not an easy conversation.

But transformation is rarely easy. We believe that this is part of the transforming nature of our faith that we might become more like Jesus who loved us and all people. 

So let’s start somewhere. 

As your pastors, we are committed to providing space for expression, questioning, and learning together. We are committed to finding helpful resources that will allow you to learn, to grow, to act. We are committed to hearing you. We are committed to giving you a space to express your tiredness, committed to say we are with you and that we love you. We are committed to finding ways to be agents of change in our small corner of the world and finding courage, strength and joy together. 

As such, we are dedicating this month to learning and doing something about racism. We believe your voice matters.

In these pandemic days, one thing we’ve encouraged everyone to do is to imagine a world that is better post-pandemic than pre-pandemic. We believe that that’s the call for this time too. Let’s imagine a world where everyone can live their lives in the fullness that God has created and intended them to be.

With lots of love in our hearts for you, and in sorrow and solidarity with the world,

grace + peace,
Pastors Jeya and Dan

P.S., Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for yesterday’s Interfaith Prayer Vigil for love, peace, and justice in Broadway Heights. Visit our Facebook page here for a glimpse of how we were involved (special thanks to Jin for the wonderful photos!).

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