The Story of God: Noah

“The difference between information and formation is story.” — Pastor Jeya

Stories have power to engage our brains and cause ideas to “click.” Puppy Love was recently voted as the best Super Bowl ad of all-time, not because of its use of sex or humor (or whatever we typically imagine with over-the-top Super Bowl commercials) but because of its compelling story (although having a cute puppy doesn’t hurt!):


The Bible is the Story of God. We find meaning & purpose when we place our little stories inside the Big Story of God — this story unfolds not so much a linear narrative, but as a full circle of redemption with beginnings & new beginnings.

Genesis 6:5-22


There is danger in starting with “the second chapter.” As Pastor Jeya preached last week, the first word of God’s creation is that it is good. God’s story starts with creative love, not “you’re a rotten sinner.”

Understanding how humanity violated & rebelled against God’s good dreams for the world sets the proper context for the flood: the flood is not about rage but, rather, sorrow.


And, yet, even in the midst of this brokenness and sorrow, there is a glimmer of hope.

This turning point in the story creates the opportunity for Noah (and us) to respond to God’s call: will we obey and say yes?


The Story comes full circle: God reaffirms the dignity and worth of humanity, created in the image of God.

It’s no mistake that God uses the rainbow as a symbol of the promise of His mercy. Rainbows, if you can see them from a higher perspective, are actually full circles:

The grace of God, even in the face of the world’s sin & brokenness, is never-ending!


As you consider Noah’s story this week, ask yourself these questions again for deeper reflection:

  • How is God at work?
  • What is God saying?
  • How does God act?
  • What have I learned about God?
  • What have I learned about myself?
  • In light of these questions, what is my response to God?



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Daniel is a husband, father, and pastor who is always learning more about what it means to love & follow Jesus in the everyday and in-between, and seeking to help others do the same.

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