Third Culture and a Church to Call Family

PJ interview

Friends, our very own Pastor Jeya is featured in this great interview at Christianity Daily, sharing the vision of Anchor City, third culture, and becoming a church for the lost and lonely.

PJ always has such great insights to share. For example:

For them, an aspect of church that they particularly wanted to focus on was the concept of family – a place of belonging. Among the various ways she describes Anchor City Church, Ms. So describes it as a “third culture church.”

She says the idea comes from the term, “third culture kid,” or TCK. Though today, TCKs are often used to refer to people who have moved around often and to several different countries, the original meaning of the term pointed to those who have grown up in a culture different from that of their parents. Ms. So said that both she and her husband, as second-generation Korean Americans, often felt they didn’t know to which culture they truly belonged…

Ms. So said, she and her husband felt led to plant a church with an emphasis on family culture, and to build a church that becomes a place of belonging – not necessarily for “TCKs,” but for all who may feel that “they’re on the outer edges of society.” 

Please feel free to read and share this article with friends, neighbors, and anyone else who wants to know what Anchor City is all about!

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