Called Together

Sermon 2 - Salt and light

Our faith in Christ is deeply personal, but it is not private. Our love for God and for others is always meant to be lived out in community, in the real world around us.

Our primary calling—both as individuals and as a church—is to The Caller.

Mark Labberton, in his book Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus Today, encourages us to live out our calling actively in the following way:

This week, take a prayer walk around your neighborhood, workplace, or somewhere else familiar to your regular routine. You could try taking a 15-minute walk with your family one evening, or around your office complex during a lunch break.

A prayer walk is a simple way to demonstrate love for God through our heart, soul, mind, and strength and love for our neighbors around us.

As you walk, pray that God would help you see people, activities, and life experiences in this neighborhood you might not have noticed.

  • What people, buildings, or other observations stand out to you?
  • What does this walk suggest to you about the questions, doubts, or fears your neighbors may carry?
  • Which are the people or situations you imagine Jesus engaging with?
  • In what ways may you, your own church, or the universal church be missing a call to this community?
  • Pause to pray for specific individuals, activities, or circumstances God places on your heart as you walk.
  • Choose one or two of these people or circumstances to pray for regularly in the coming weeks or months.
  • Return to this neighborhood as often as you are able and pay attention to the ways in which your observations, prayer, and interactions change over time.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here are a few questions to consider this week as we consider being salt and light to the world around us for the flourishing and hope we experience through Jesus:

  • How can Anchor City influence our culture rather than being influenced by it?
  • What flavor can we bring to San Diego that offers a taste of the Kingdom?
  • How are we called to participate in the light that shines in the darkness?
  • Consider someone you know who is trapped in darkness — what truth needs to shine in their lives?

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Daniel is a husband, father, and pastor who is always learning more about what it means to love & follow Jesus in the everyday and in-between, and seeking to help others do the same.

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