Called to Flourish

Sermon 4 - Primary calling

In his recent book Called: The Crisis and Promise of Following Jesus TodayMark Labberton writes, “You and I are to be tangible evidence of God’s pursuit of the world today. You and I. Together. The church. This is our calling as followers of Jesus. We are to fulfill the calling of all humanity and thus point to the true purpose of human life. The Word made flesh in Jesus Christ should show through us. We are meant to be primary evidence of the flourishing love, grace, and truth in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.”

In Called, Labberton asks some important reflection questions we could consider this week:

Where do you experience human flourishing? Music? Art? People? Athletics? Education? Choose a creative media to help you reflect on flourishing.

  • Make a “flourishing collage” using photos, art, words or another medium. Find photos that remind you of contexts other than your own in need of flourishing.
  • Assemble a “flourishing playlist.” Which songs help you experience flourishing and which remind you of the long road of answering that call? What global or countercultural music could remind you of other areas of the world longing for flourishing?
  • Write a list of the areas in your life that are flourishing and another of the areas that are not.

Please share your reflections on our Facebook page—we’d love to hear from you!

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Here is a link to a great devotional Bible reading plan for the YouVersion app called “How Do I Find My Calling?

The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics says, “The reading plan helps individuals understand what the Bible teaches about calling and provides them with some practical steps to discover their unique God-given design. While this reading plan is just the tip of the iceberg on the subject of calling, we think it’s a great start for those who are just exploring the topic.”

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