The Joy of Haley’s Baptism

One of the great joys of pastoral ministry is the baptism of both infants and adults. As Presbyterians, we believe baptism is primarily about God’s action, not our response. The baptism of infants & children expresses our faith in God’s gracious initiative—the belief that God chooses & claims us even before we have the capacity to choose or claim our own faith in God. Both the family and church community play particularly significant roles in forming & nurturing the faith of the child, promising to demonstrate & share the way of Christ with the newly baptized.

The following words were shared by David and Hee Myung Hahn recently at the baptism of their infant daughter Haley:

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We are very grateful and blessed to witness the baptism of our daughter Haley. Getting pregnant and giving birth to Haley was not an easy journey for us. We tried to get pregnant naturally. We consulted with doctors and tried several treatments. Along the way, we kept believing that the Lord would find a way to help us. Our families and friends prayed for us. My parents and Hee Myung’s parents prayed really hard for us because they had been wanting a grandchild so much and were losing their patience with us.

When we received the news that Hee Myung was pregnant we felt certain in our hearts that the Lord was the one working behind the scenes to make this happen. This was yet another blessing that the Lord had given us because we knew that He had given us so many blessings before this one. It is very important to us that Haley be raised as a child of Christ so she can know who was ultimately responsible for her being here. Hee Myung and I also know that our being raised as Christians in our own families has allowed us to experience the joy and love of Christ in our lives. We truly believe that it was our families’ faith in Christ that brought Hee Myung and me together. We continue to learn every day about how to follow the path of Christ and what it means to commit ourselves to a growing relationship with Him. We want Haley to experience that joy and love of Christ and to know what it means to have a relationship with Him.

In practicing our faith in the Lord, we have come to understand how important it is to pray, read the Bible, talk about the Lord, and have our daily thoughts and actions reflect our faith in the Lord. We want Haley to learn to do these things too. We want Haley to learn how to make Christ the center of her life so Christ can be the anchor of her soul by which she can weather any storm, any crisis, any personal defeat. We want Haley to learn the peace and serenity that comes from having a close and intimate relationship with the Lord. We also want Haley to experience the joy and love of sharing this relationship with all of the people in her life.

Practicing our faith at Anchor City Church has been another blessing in our lives. Since we got married, Hee Myung and I had been looking for a church that felt right for us. It has taken us several years but we feel we finally found that church here at Anchor City. We are very appreciative of the help we received in finding this church. We are so thankful to my sister Julie and her husband Walter for introducing us to Ethan and Ian and having them invite us to worship here. As Hee Myung and I grow as Christians as part of this community, we want Haley to grow as a Christian as part of this community. All of you here at Anchor City have been so gracious and generous in your support of Haley and we want her to continue to receive your support along her path as a Christian. We are especially grateful to Pastors Dan and Jeya for making us feel so welcome here. We look forward to continue our journey with Christ with both of you and look forward to Haley being guided by you.

Bless all of you and thank you so much for being a part of Haley’s baptism today.

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Daniel is a husband, father, and pastor who is always learning more about what it means to love & follow Jesus in the everyday and in-between, and seeking to help others do the same.

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